Basic English Wheel Technique, Lazze Metal Shaping

Metal shaping master Lazze Jansson gives a basic introduction to the English wheel and includes an important trick, which is to leave a flat “frame” around the edge of the metal.

Basic Metal Working

This 8-minute video uses a simple project to demonstrate basic metal working skills and tools. It probably tries to teach too much in too short a time but we think it’s still a good video.   You’ll learn how to accurately layout and drill holes, the proper way to use hacksaws and files, a variety ways to use digital calipers, how to safely use a drill press and and much more.  Unfortunately it doesn’t mention center drills.

Centerpunch + Drill Press = Tap Guide

A tap guide is almost an essential tool.  The are used in drill presses, lathes and mills to make certain taps get started straight.  You can buy one for about $10 or machine one.  Or you can follow the directions in this video and almost instantly make one from a Harbor Freight brass automatic center punch that you can buy for about $4.

Fabricating Fenders for a 1934 Lagonda - Part I

It’s easy to find videos that demonstrate metal forming tools and processes.  But it’s hard to find good videos like this one that show you from start to finish how those tools and processes are used together to create a part.


Harbor Freight Planishing Hammer

This video starts out as review Harbor Freight’s Planishing Hammer and then moves on to demonstrate what it is used for.  The reviewer likes it and claims it’s the same tool that some other companies sell for hundreds of dollars more.  HF frequently has it on sale for about $100 and and you can use one of their easy to find 20% off coupons to get it for about $80.

Machine Tool Basics - Lathe Cutting Tools

This video describes HSS, carbide tipped and carbide insert cutting tools.  It also touches on tool shapes, right and left-hand cutting tools and setting the tool height.

No. 7 - Cutting an External Acme Thread

This movie from South Bend Lathe is about 70 years old but it is still very much worth watching if you would like to learn how to cut an acme thread on a manually operated lathe.