Harbor Freight Planishing Hammer

This video starts out as review Harbor Freight’s Planishing Hammer and then moves on to demonstrate what it is used for. The reviewer likes it and claims it’s the same tool that some other companies sell for hundreds of dollars more. HF frequently has it on sale for about $100 and and […]

Nissin CNC Tubing Bender

Someone on YouTube said this Nissin CNC tubing bender poops steel. It’s a crude but good description.

Fastest Wire Bending in the World

The manufacturer claims this is the world’s fastest CNC wire bender. I don’t know if that’s really true but it is fast and fascinating to watch too.

How to make a steel fish (Perch)

This very well edited video shows how artist Gordon Dickinson makes a perch sculpture from mild steel using a plasma cutter, stick welder, grinder, hammers and a log that’s used as an anvil. He sold it for £400.

Tube Bending

Tube Bending – This video gives a brief tutorial on how tube bending is performed and identifies various types of mandrels.