Machine Tool Basics - Lathe Cutting Tools

This video describes HSS, carbide tipped and carbide insert cutting tools. It also touches on tool shapes, right and left-hand cutting tools and setting the tool height.

No. 7 - Cutting an External Acme Thread

This movie from South Bend Lathe is about 70 years old but it is still very much worth watching if you would like to learn how to cut an acme thread on a manually operated lathe.

Machine Shop Training: Lathe Picking up a Thread ATI Lathe #13 AmericanGunsmith

The picture quality could be better and it’s advertising a video course. But this is still a very good instructional video about picking up a thread on a lathe. It’s also the only video we can find on that topic.

How Wire EDM Works

A short interesting video that describes what Electrical Discharge Machining is, how it works and its advantages. It also shows the kind of parts you can make with a machine that can make hair thin cuts in any kind of metal.

Turning & the Lathe

A good short demonstration of straight turning, rough turning, finish turning, taper turning, contour turning (profiling), forming, chamfering and grooving.

Thread Cutting Closeup

This video offers an excellent point of view of a lathe’s thread cutting process. It shows a 1/2-20 thread being cut on a manually operated lathe with a camera that is mounted on the tool post.

Machine Tool Basics - Lathe Workholding

This video demonstrates turning between centers, 3-jaw self-centering chucks, 4-jaw chucks, faceplates, live centers, steady rests and follow rests. It also describes some good work practices.